Saturday, March 8, 2014

Why Follow the Frog???

A funny and important Conservation Campaing to promote the Conservation of the Rainforest.
Rainforest Alliance has show us conservation is profitable, we need more enterprises like this, Ecuador can be that enterprise.

Conservation need to be rooted into the local communities; but most important, economical renevues need to stay in the communities so people can experience that Conservation is economically profitable in many ways.

Oil, mining, monoculture and all the major economical activities needs an initial investment in many cases; countries like Ecuador need to borrow it from somewhere else and starting a endless series of social and environmental problems. None of the above economical activity beats Conservation because the initial investments is ZERO, its already there: a water machinery in the Andes to sell pure water in a near future, clean air for our citizents, and diversity of food from our farming fields all ot them free of GMO'S and one of largest generic bank in the world; Ecuador is the Top Ten Richest Country in the world.

Cash will flow in... as we said in Ecuador: tendriamos el sarten por el mango.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Puma still wanders in the Yasuni Wilderness

The South American cats are relatively recents arrivals from Noth America which crossed down here on the formation of the land bridge between these two continents just 3 millions years ago.

Cat are emblems of the Rainforest for their ecological role by controlling the herbivore densities, forest without their cats and other carnivores experience a dramatic rodents densities and a consequent increase in seed predation and affect the dynamic of the forest in the long run.

The Puma (Puma concolor) also lives in the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador. Its range, from the Canadian Yukon to the southern Andes of South America, is the greatest of any large wild terrestrial mammal in the Western Hemisphere.

The community and +Shiripuno Lodge have started the Yasuni Trap Camera; which is a Sharing Iniciative to promote the Conservation of the Yasuni Biosphere Reserve.

The Chevron Activities in the Amazon of Ecuador would be nothing compare to the future oil activities in the Yasuni, even with 1% of the reserve the cost would be to high and risky.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Story of Bottled Water and the Yasuni Oil

The Yasuni Biosphere Reserve has been promoting this kind of industries since the early 80's.  More roads are open every year, more iligal hunting, more Boom Towns created with all the garbage and wastes are just into all the mayor rivers of the Yasuni Biosphere Reserve.

The funny part of this picture is that the oil from the Amazon Rainforest sponsor it owns pollution. Check this video to straight out our interest.

Millions of plastic bottles navigate downstream into the Yasuni Biosphere Reserve main rivers; nothing happens since the 80's and now nothing will happens because the Yasuni oil will fund somebody bussiness otherwise we will know the baseline of the negotiations of it. But is it s TOP SECRET.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Species New to Science: [Herpetology • 2014] Systematics of Treefrogs of t...

The Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador every year bring new species, this time Marcel Caminer and Santiago Ron had been working on a Treefrogs of the Hypsiboas calcaratus and Hypsiboas fasciatus especies complex; it means they were many frogs that share a lot physical features and for many years ago were lamp into species label, more research was needed and finally we've been lead to a better understanding of our frog communities.

For more info regarding to the new species of frogs follow the link.
Species New to Science: [Herpetology • 2014] Systematics of Treefrogs of t...: Figure 8. Dorsolateral views of adult males of A Hypsiboas fasciatus , QCAZ 48584, SVL = 33.77 mm  B Hypsiboas almendarizae  sp. ...

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Exclusive: Stunning aerial photos reveal Ecuador building roads deeper into richest rainforest on Earth (Yasuní National Park)

The truth is this is not going to end even if WE Ecuadorians wins in the next elections, development power is stronger over basics life styles.
Exclusive: Stunning aerial photos reveal Ecuador building roads deeper into richest rainforest on Earth (Yasuní National Park)

The Yasuni ITT was a smoke curtain all this was already happening deep in the Yasuni National Park

Coolest bugs at night in the Yasuni

With the help of basic instruments such as a car battery and a black light some wires and patience I was able to capture the images on the first week of January 2014.
Thousands of these guys end up in the flames of the oil station deep in the Yasuni Biosphere Reserve, many of them are critical to many species of plants. Our way of living, our development, our dream to become millionars is killing them slowly.
Here are some of the guys that will desapear for ever.